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China is accusing Australia and Canada of’spreading misinformation’ about jet collisions

Tensions heighten between Beijing and Ottawa, just as crisis over Canada’s 2018 arrest of a Chinese tech executive subsides Beijing has accused Australia and Canada of “spreading disinformation” over allegedly dangerous manoeuvres by Chinese military pilots in international airspace. A day earlier Justin Trudeau hit out at “irresponsible and provocative” actions by Beijing’s air force […]

US increases the monkeypox alert however, the risk to the public is very low.

CDC warns travelers to avoid contact with sick people, with more than 1,000 cases in at least 29 countries The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has raised its monkeypox alert level and warned travellers to be mindful of approaching sick people, though it also said the risk to the general public remained low. […]

Activists hail Biden’s use of security powers to boost clean energy

President invokes Defense Production Act to increase production of solar panels, building insulation and other equipment Environmental groups have welcomed Joe Biden’s invoking of national security powers to rapidly expand the production of clean energy technology as a significant advance in the effort to curb dangerous climate breakdown. Biden has triggered the Defense Production Act, […]